My Burmese girls have the most delightful Burmese character and temperament, being extremely affectionate, adventurous and sometimes a little naughty.

As mentioned on the Home Page I breed from hyperkalemia free tested normal/negative household.

Lavinshy LilacPearl


Sire: Imperial Gr Ch Typha Moonraker

Dam:Lavinshy Posie Peachpod (2 cc)




Lilac Burmese

Ice & Pearl are Sisters both Lilac Burmese


Lavinshy Pinkice


Sire: InImperial Grand Ghampion Typha Moonraker


Dam: Lavinshy Posie Peachpod (2cc)



Ruby and Raine are now both neutered & enjoying their retirement

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Lavinshy Burmese


West Sussex