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My kittens have excellent pedigrees.


Kittens leave my home at the age of 13 weeks.  All Kitten will be vaccinated for, cat flu Herpes, Calicivir, Enteritis,Leukaemia micro-chip .Litter trained, Wormed and vet checked twice before they leave our home .


Kittens are well socialised and reared with love and care, which I hope will follow our babies throughout their lives.


You will be supplied with a worming certificate diet sheet along with do's and don'ts information sheet.


Our kittens are sold as pets, All my adult cat's mums and dads are fully registered on the active register with the GCCF. All kittens bred by myself are eligible for registration pet kittens sold as pets, not for breeding. Must only be registered on the non-active register. Kittens sold for breeding only will be registered by myself on the active register:


I will require that you have your vet neuter your kitten at the age of five to six months.


Vaccinations will require a booster annually, first booster vaccination will be due when your kitten is 15 months old.


Regular worming and flea treatment throughout the life of your cat veterinary treatment at the appropriate times.

Burmese Kittens

The Burmese thrive better when they have company being the human or feline kind, there is nothing better than owning a pair as they love the company of each other.


If you work part-time than having just one often works well, however, if you work full-time a pair is much better even if you cannot afford two pedigree cats, then a moggy kitten will do! I have known this work well in the past.  When all members of the household are out from dawn till dusk the Burmese when left with no human or feline companionship can become bored, depressed and even destructive.  Being intelligent, outgoing, energetic, personality cats they thrive best with company.


For those of you who want a quiet feline who will just sit there and look pretty then this breed is not for you. I welcome genuine inquiries only, please.

 Now having Just a small garden .I made it cat secure all the same just with a different system. One of the reasons for the different system was I felt it would be more secure to stop cats entering my garden. Again this gives my cats access to a safe outside and myself the pleasure of knowing they can go out into the garden and keeping them safe from main roads. Were also I can leave my back windows and doors open.

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