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                          OTRICKA  BURMESE Olive Longman established Breeder of Burmese for many years has BROWN ALL FEMALE BURMESE KITTEN available early August kittens will be registered none active with the GCCF fully vaccinated including leukaemia ,micro-chipped well socialised beautiful babies please contact olive and 1903502813  mobile number 07977746657

  My name is Linda I am a small established breeder and exhibition of the Burmese breed, of all cat breeds my      love  for the Burmese most certainly comes out on top.  Occasionally I have kitten available.


 have shown several of my Burmese cats who have reached championship status. Breeding as a hobby to       

                                             improve the quality of the Burmese breed.

Giving my kittens & Queens the time and attention they so deserve and demand. Many things are important       as a breeder, exhibition. Socialisation and health first and foremost to ensure kittens make happy Show and 

healthy family pets. My kittens are not bred in over crowded environment. Having just the two breeding Burmese Queens. Kittens have room to develop and exercise, reared underfoot from the moment they are born. With  there  lives starting from day one amongst the hustle and bustle of household noises.


I believe my kittens should have a very loving home from the beginning . Whether they be shown , or pet      kittens are not bred in cages or outside. The happiness and well-being of my cats and kittens is            paramount. Kittens will be GCCRegistered Non-active  when  pet. (Active when  for breeding which is my       decision must be asked at first Contact .) Show quality kittens sometimes available.)Area Worthing West                 Sussex . 

burmese kittens lavinshy.jpg
Why do I breed?


My Burmese cats are my life and what makes me happy.  Where I would be without them I just do not know.  They fulfil my life with much joy and happiness.  Meeting such lovely people who appreciate the hard work I put into rearing my kittens.  Giving all my Burmese cats excellent quality of life.  Only adds to one's fulfilments seeing my kittens go off to their new homes.  Where they will continue to receive the love and affection Lavinshy kittens have been reared with.

Burmese Kittens

Occasionally we have Burmese kittens, available to permanent loving homes.


The Burmese with their teddy bear looks as kittens, stunning looks as adults.  Soft gentle voice highly intelligent, extreme extrovert personalities are true brave hearts.


The Burmese love everybody which is what I personally love so very much about them.

Burmese Kittens

Those of you who have owned Burmese before will understand me when I say, "I can’t quite imagine life without them, they are our true friends and companions."

I aim to breed happy healthy well adjusted socialised kittens with excellent temperaments.


We breed from hyperkalemia free tested normal/negative cats, none of my breeding Queens or stud boy can produce hyperkalemia kittens.

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